The Provisional Program of BSAAM's
15th Anti Ageing Conference London 2018


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BSAAM/AACL 2018 will be held at Kensington Town Hall Honiton St London W8
This venue is situated near High St Kensington. The nearest Underground station is High St Kensington.

July 2018

Dear Colleague,

The Anti-Ageing Conference London is a truly unique event, combining the intimacy of a small conference with the quality, depth and breadth of speakers that any large conference would be proud to offer.

The scientific and educational conference set in the heart of historic London, provides 16 hours of Category 1 CME credits and 12 hours of CPD credits. The conference has been specifically designed to provide maximum opportunities for delegates to mix with their peers and the speakers in a relaxed and friendly environment. Speakers will be available for one-to-one discussions with delegates, and there will also be question and answer sessions after lectures with speaker panels on both days.

The Pre-Conference Workshop Thursday 11th October CPD credits available 5.00 hours

2018 we welcome Professor Giovanni Scapagnini, Professor Eugenio Luigi Iorio and Dr Josie Foglia.

Please go to www.antiageingconference.com to register for the Workshop/Conference and view the Speakers and subjects to be presented this year.

Among invited Speakers this year 12th/13th October will be, Professor Christophe De Jaeger, Professor Giovanni Scapagnini, Professor Craig Willcox, Professor Eugenio-Luigi Iorio, Dr Wendy Denning ,Mr Phil Micans, Professor Karl Nesser, Dr Zyad  Ratansi ,Dr Michael Kucera, Dr Jose Foglia, Dr Roni Moya, Dr John van LimburgStirum,Dr Bradford Weeks,Dr Simona Pop,Mr Omar Fogliadini, Dr Sharief Ibrahim,  more illustrious speakers will be joining this Medical faculty.

The provisional program is as follows:

Dr Wendy Denning Deadly Combination of Wifi and Heavy Metals to Our Health
Dr Nyjon Eccles Changing the Game in Breast Cancer Risk : An Update
Prof Chris Exley TBA
Dr Jose Foglia (Workshop) The Meditating Brain, a Challenge to the Digital Revolution 
(Conference) Why is it so difficult to achieve the State of Meditation? A view from Neuroscience
Omar Fogliadini  How to use DNA for health and age management
Sharif Ibrahim How to Prolong a Enjoyable Life Span through Community Action
Prof Eugenio Luigi Iorio (Workshop) The Physiological Modulation as an Alternative to Antioxidants in the Aging Process
Prof Christophe de Jaeger  How to measure vascular compliance as a parameter of arteriel aging ?
Dr Michael Kucera Clinical Effectiveness of Novel Mitochondrial Supplements: Based in Space Medicine Research
Mr Phil Micans Can human maximum lifespan be extended?
Dr Roni Moya  The Cell Theropy One
Prof Karl J Neeser Vitamin-D Deficiency - a worldwide Serious Health Problem
The Ultimate Exercise Prescription for Health and Longevity
Dr Simona Pop TBA
Dr Zayd Ratansi  Improve energy levels and reduce the accelerated aging process
Dr Avi Roy TBA
Prof Giovanni Scapagnini (Workshop) The Physiological Modulation as an Alternative to Antioxidants in the Aging Process
Dr John Van Limburg Stirum Acid Base Household and AA
Dr Bradford S Weeks Eating Light - The Optimal AntiAging Diet

The program may be subject to change

Please check the website www.antiageingconference.com for conference and speaker updates

To Registar:
All Inclusive - 11th October Pre-conference + 12th & 13th October 2 Day Conference + Reception - 499.00
2 Day Conference 12th & 13th October + Reception - 410.00
Pre conference 11th October - 150.00
1 Day Friday 12th October + Reception - 299.00
1 Day Saturday 13th October - 189.00 


Email us at london@antiageingconference.com if you require more information.


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