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AACL 2008 Speaker

ConingsMr Willy Conings

Mr Willy Conings studied Physical Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University in Brussels.

After a few years of academic research he became involved with Information Technology and pursued an industrial career in this field.

He founded NEW BUSINESS MANAGEMENT,specializing in Corporate Restructuring, Sales and Marketing consulting.

He started a personal research activity in the field of vitamin and anti-oxidant supplements for life extension techniques.

Over the years, he has shifted his interest to specialized uses of Carotenoids, Flavenoids, and Polyphenols for the prevention and “treatment” of a large number of age related dysfunctions.

In 2002 he was exposed to male HRT. He soon experienced the benefits of this , but after a while he experienced the side effects.

This personal experience incited him to open a new research topic using natural supplements to control the side effects of HRT.
This research led to the development of a state-of-the-art supplement for hormonal control and prostate protection of the aging male

2008 - Use of Herbal supplements as a first line approach and as an adjunct for HRT in the aging male.

HRT, mainly testosterone, in the aging male has enormous objective and subjective benefits at a physical and psychological level. After a while, side effects are observed that reduce the early benefits. The testosterone metabolites are the obvious agents for this unexpected effect. Enzymatic transformation of testosterone in estrogen, DHT, binding to SHBG, down regulation by the hypothalamic-gonadic axis…. are the obvious mechanisms.

While conventional drugs have been developed to reduce some of these effects, none is devoid of undesirable side effects (like decrease of libido and testicular shrinking). A number of natural supplements have been demonstrated to achieve the same or better results but without the undesirable side effects.

I have developed and tested a formula that stimulates endogenous testosterone production, blocks the age related down regulation of testosterone, blocks most of  the pathways by which testosterone is transformed in harmful metabolites and has specific prostate protective properties. The overall effect is noticeable after three to four weeks and includes a clear increase of libido and sexual performance, an increase of physical performance, increased feeling of general wellbeing, visible changes of the genital apparatus. Individuals suffering from BPH will experience relief of symptoms and an increase of living comfort.

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