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AACL 2010 Speaker

ImrieMs Galina Imrie
Galina  Imrie MA Ed is Founder of the  International Register of Integrative Colon Therapists and Trainers (www.rictat.org); Principal of the Chi Centre for Practical Detoxification and Aqua-Clinic Colleges; and author of published books, articles and manuals on integrative colon hydrotherapy and  rejuvenation through neuro-endocrine, digestive and immune support of the large bowel.  Her best known popular book: “Always Look After Number Two, Discover the Secrets of Colonic Irrigation, Perfect Bowel Movements and Digestive Health” , is now recommended by some general practitioners to their  patients. Galina is regularly invited to speak at conferences, shows and seminars on complementary medicine and integrative healthcare.

Colon Hydrotherapy and the Chemistry of Wellbein

The large bowel, a somewhat under-researched organ, plays an important role in the quality of life and maintenance of health as we age.  With around 95% of our neuro-hormone of wellbeing, serotonin, being produced it the large intestine, we should always be able to rely on a well-functioning bowel to keep us happy and make sure the toxic load is effectively removed from the body.   
However, our longer lifespan is often accompanied today by age-related slowing of the function of the large intestine. Such common factors as

  • an increase in the transit time;
  • a reduction in general physical fitness;
  • 5-HT depletion;
  • oxidative damage by the ROS due to prolonged exposure to toxic compounds in the stools;
  • dietary changes resulting in lower-residue diets;
  • the building of “water debt” and other factors

cause not only slow-transit constipation but also cell dehydration, reduction of muscle tissue elasticity and deformability and other more serious degenerative conditions such as diverticulosis and diverticulitis and colorectal cancers.
Doubts are now being cast on the effectiveness of high-fibre diets in mitigating the age-related degeneration of the digestive function.
Contemporary colon hydrotherapy, a controlled and measured release of water into the rectum with the purpose of rehydration of the large intestine and repayment of the “water debt”, can also boost serotonin production, accelerate transit time and reduce damage caused by the reactive oxygen species by means of removing excess toxic load and supporting the immune system in the large intestine.  This also restores the subjective sense of wellbeing in an individual and sense of increased energy, which, in turn, helps increase mobility and maintain a healthy attitude to life. 

View .pdf of Presentation here!

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