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AACL 2007 Speaker

Dr Sandra Rose Michael DNM
EESystem Inventor Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, DNM, is Senior Director of Energy Medicine for Open International University for Complementary Medicine-USA under UNESCO, is a member of the Scientific Council for National Bio Science, Europe, and supports the International Parliament for Safety and Peace.  Dr. Michael, who recently received another Medal of Honor at the World Summit on Integral Medicine, has also served as Ambassador for the World Organization of Natural Medicine and is on faculty for the federally-accredited Institute of Energy Wellness Studies, Canada.

Having taught holistic health worldwide for more than 30 years, this award-winning international Who’s Who is currently working with Ministries of Health and AHA! Ventures on global projects such as the World Congress on Integrative Medicine in Santa Fe and "Future Medicine: The Integral Matrix of Healing" in Dubai. Dr. Michael and EESystem is featured on Comcast, CNN & Discovery Networks and will be showcased at the World Organization of Natural Medicine Congress in Hong Kong and the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China.

For over 15 years Dr. Michael has worked with leading scientists, physicists, physicians, and World Leaders in developing and researching the Energy Enhancement System (EES) ™ technology. Together they have implemented this bio-energetic regenerative scalar technology in the integration of bio and quantum physics, science, and body-mind health.

2007 - Bio-Scalar Technology: Regeneration and Optimization of the Body-Mind Homeostasis

The key to healthy aging is natural system balance and the achievement of normal regeneration of tissues and organs. This presentation will outline real-life applications and advantages of Bio-Scalar technology. The listener will appreciate that the utilization of the Bio-Scalar technology leads to increased cellular energy and homeostasis, increased optimal transmembrane potential and healthy cells and organs.


Research in the biomedical sciences has generated a wealth of new discoveries that are improving our health, extending our lives and raising our standard of living. Intrinsic tissue regeneration is the body’s regular maintenance cycle in which millions of tissue cells constantly undergo remodeling and restoration. The human body has the inherent capacity for regeneration once given the optimal conditions for recovery. A crucial component of the body’s control system is bioelectrical.  Indeed, proof-of-principle studies have demonstrated that the regenerative potential of adult tissues can be unlocked by manipulating their biophysical properties, thus restoring tissue to its original structural, function and physiological condition. Superconductive coherent informational fields of consciousness resulting from the Energy Enhancement System (EES) ™ are extremely bioactive and lead to the reorganization of biological systems to achieve homeostasis. The EES was developed to utilize multiple bio-active fields including scalar energy for optimization of human system homeostasis including: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual homeostasis. The EES technology asserts self-generating or regenerative cohesive fields to promote longevity through achievement of natural physiological balance. Our data suggest that scalar wave treatment has the potential for increasing cellular and tissue energy levels and regenerative properties leading to possible application in treating age related contentions.


The aging process isn't fully understood and scientists have yet to find a "magic bullet" that can reverse the effects of aging. As we further explore the relationship between cellular regeneration and the EES, our goal is to look toward understanding the cellular mechanisms of aging. Our research will lead to cooperative relationships among researchers and clinicians with resultant attainment of the optimal physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of homeostasis.  All life is energy and when energy is optimized, life is optimized.


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