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AACL 2005 Speaker

Dr SK Tan MD
Dr. S. K. Tan graduated in 1971, with a Bachelor of Medicine (MB) and a Bachelor of Surgery (BS), after which he went on to UK where his interest in dermatology led him to train at the prestigious St John’s Institute of Dermatology in London in the 1970’s. He obtained his professional Diploma in Venereology (University of London) and Diploma in Dermatology (University of Wales). Dr. Tan further trained in aesthetic medicine in various institutions in the USA and Europe.

His academic achievements also include a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the renowned Dutch institute, the Maastrich School of Business Management.

Having been invited to speak on topics concerning Asian and ethnic skins in conferences held in Las Vegas, Korea and New York (Please refer to the attached appendix for more details), Dr. Tan is well-received as a speaker worldwide for his humorous and insightful observations. His articles have also been published in various books and magazines like Cosmetic Dermatology, Anti-Aging Medical Therapeutics and Ezyhealth. Recently, he was invited to be a co-editor of “Handbook of Cosmetic Microbiology”, a reference book to be published by Marcel Dekker.

Latest Trends in Non-Invasive Skin Rejuvenation and Innovations in Radio Frequency
The ‘buzzword’ today is ‘non-invasive’ or ‘non-ablative’. Advances in technology and techniques have enabled physicians to offer their patients protocols which give results nearly as good or as good as invasive or operative techniques. Today’s patients are more discerning and better informed and it is necessary for the practicing physician to keep abreast of what is available.

This presentation attempts to outline some newer techniques which have been shown to give consistent results.

New lasers and new applications for older lasers are leading the way towards a ‘total’ approach towards facial rejuvenation. Other newer technologies to be discussed include ‘radio-frequecny’ devices for non-surgical collagen-tightening and ‘face-lift’, PSR ( Plasma Skin Rejuvenation ) and “PhotoPneumatic Therapy”, all of which are ‘cutting-edge’ technologies.

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