Peer Review Board of AACL 2004

Peer Review Board Members:

Dr. Robert Goldman MD (PhD, FAASP, DO, FAOASM) – Chairman, American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine and Founding President, National (USA) Academy of Sports Medicine.

12 years experience in selecting speakers for the American Academy of Anti-Aging bi-annual conferences as well as advising for numerous other international conferences such as World Anti-Aging Congress, Asia Pacific Conference, Brazil, Catania, Dubai, etc. Read more….

Dr. Michael Klentze MD (PhD) – Medical Director, Klentze Institue of Anti-Aging, Munich, Germany. ABAAM Director A4M, USA Secretary General ESAAM, Vienna. Read more….


Dr. Lynette Yong (MA[Cantab], MBBS, FRCS(Eng), LFHom) – Medical Director, HB Health, Director of WAAM Read more….


Dr. Jules-Jacques Nabet Doctor of Aesthetics Hotel Dieu Hospital, Paris. Aesthetic General Practice, and Osteopathy. Read more….


Who is a Board Member?
Peer Review Board Members are committed medical professionals at the doctoral level who have extensive experience in and are dedicated to advancing Preventative Healthcare, Anti-Aging Medicine and the advancement of science in the 21st Century. PRB members are highly respected by their peers in the field, holding multiple Directorships in International Academies and Associations, contributing to the cause through their service, speaking and publishing.

What is the Peer Review Board’s Purpose?
To advise on an independent, highly ethical, non biased, non commercial basis of how to select the latest scientific research to be presented to their peers, develop educational programmes that are ACCME and CPD approved according the criteria and standards of each country’s providers of continuing medical education.

What is the Peer Review Board Member required to do?

  • Annually review and keep up to date on the latest medical research in the field to find peer reviewed publications, proven practices and protocols. Based on this:
  • Recommend Speakers, Topics and Conference Themes.
  • Ensure that all recommendations put forward are individually validated according to credentials, peer review criteria and potential for contribution through speaking.
  • Once validation is complete, candidates put forward will be chosen based on compliance with ACCME and CPD criteria for CME accreditation.

What are the Criteria?

  • Academic credentials
  • Professional experience
  • Past Speaking experience
  • Peer Reviewed Publications
  • Value of scientific and clinical contribution

Who Benefits?

  • Physicians from every Medical Discipline
  • Scientists
  • Nutritionists
  • Gerontologists
  • Chiropractors
  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmaceutical Chemists & Research Specialists
  • RNs/Nurse Practitioners
  • Naturopathic Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Bariatricians/Weight Management Specialists


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