Heather Bird BA Hons, MBA

Chairperson, AACL. Founder and President, HB Health, London UK. Director, World Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine WAAAM.
With experience in health care and a Masters of Business Administration degree, Heather has worked for the World Health Organization. She founded her company in 2001. She travels the world bringing the latest breakthroughs and knowledge from around the world back to the clinic.

Heather feels it is her mission to make the life-enhancing medical breakthroughs of anti-ageing medicine available to as many people as possible. This commitment resulted from her own experiences of working in nursing homes, caring for the elderly suffering from age-related diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Witnessing at first hand the dreadful effects that such degenerative illnesses can cause, she was moved to find out how she could help reduce the negative effects of age.

Over the years, Heather has developed a great knowledge and understanding of anti-ageing medicines and treatments through extensive research and study with renowned doctors in this field. This has resulted in her bringing together world-renowned anti-ageing specialists to introduce to the UK innovative treatments and therapies that will enable her clients to live high quality, more active and enjoyable lives. Heather travels a great deal and searches the world for the latest breakthroughs in anti-ageing and recruits the finest experts for her clinics. 

As part of her commitment to bringing better quality of life to as many people as possible HB Health co-sponsored the 3rd Annual Monte Carlo Anti-ageing Conference and is now sponsoring the 2004 London Anti Ageing Conference.

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