Dr. Thierry Hertoghe, M.D.

- graduated as a medical doctor in 1986 at the UCL (Université Catholique de Louvain) in Belgium
- obtained in 1989 the specialization degree in General Medicine at the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

- Actual scientific organization responsibilities:
Since 1997 : - Member of the International Board of Scientific Advisors of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine- President of the European Academy of Quality of Life and Longevity Medicine (Eaquall)
1998 : - Secretary of the Belgian Institute of pharmaco-epidemiology (IPHEB)- Board Examiner of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medecine Examination Board
2001 : - Scientific coordinator and course lecturer (chargé d’enseignement) of the post- university course of “Anti-Aging Medical Therapeutics” (department of Prevention of Senescence) of the University Center of Charleroi (in charge of the program for 2001-2002 and 2002-2003)
2002 : - Course lecturer in the post-university 2-year program in Anti-aging Medicine (Specialization) for physicians in Germany- Course lecturer in the post-university 3-year program in Esthetical Medicine Specialization) for physicians in France
2003 : - Scientific coordinator and course lecturer of the International Anti-aging Medicine Specialization (organized in 2-day seminars by the International Committee for Education in Anti-Aging Medicine) before each major international Anti-Aging Conference 

- Family: forth (successive) generation physician doctor of a family of M.D.’s working in the 
field of endocrinology since 1892 (after Eugène –former vice-president of the Royal 
Academy of Medicine of Belgium, Luc and Jacques Hertoghe, with sister Thérèse 
Hertoghe - endocrinologist)

- Past scientific organization responsibilities:
1995-1999: - member of the Comité Paritaire de Médecine Générale de 
l’Accréditation (the national committee which decides if a medical 
course can get credit hours) 
1995-2000: - general secretary of the Académie de Médecine Générale de Belgique 
1996 : - temporary vice-president of the Monde Medical Television, specialized medical T.V. programs for physicians (temporary function, actually finished)

- Medical publications : 

- Hertoghe Th., “Growth hormone therapy in aging adults”, in : Anti-Aging Medical Therapeutics, Eds Klatz RM & Goldman R., 1997, p. 10-28

published in Anti-Aging Medical Therapeutics, Eds Klatz RM & Goldman, 2000 : Hertoghe Th., “Thyroid Diagnosis & Treatment” (3 articles):

1. Poor reliability of the single plasma TSH-test for diagnosis of thyroid dysfunction and follow-up (p.127-137) 

2. Many conditions related to age reduce the conversion of thyroxine to triiodothyronine - a rationale for prescribing preferentially a combined T3 + T4 preparation in hypothyroid adults (p. 138-153)

- Main contributor ; La DHEA en question : réponse à l’Academie (Review of published literature on DHEA) , Belgian Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (2002)
- in preparation for 2003 - 2004:
- an extensively referenced book for qualified physicians on 
Practical use of hormone replacement therapies in aging adults
- Melatonin Report (Review of published literature on melatonin) 
- Growth Hormone Therapy in adults
- Cortisol Report

General public books:
French : 
- Hertoghe Th., Nabet J.J., “Comment rester jeune plus longtemps”, Ed. Albin,-Michel, Paris - France, 2000, 380 p. (book for the general public) 
- Hertoghe Th., Nabet J.J, “La DHEA, l’hormone du mieux-vivre”, Ed. Presses du Châtelet, Paris, 2002 , 207 p. (March 2002 )
German : translation of “Bleiben Sie Länger Jung”, Ed. Mosaik - München
(March 2002)
English : “The Hormone Solution”, Ed. Random House, New-York
(August 2002)
Dutch : translation of “Langer Jong blijven”, Ed Standaard, Antwerp, 
(publishing date : April 2003)
Russian: : translation of “Comment rester jeune plus longtemps”, 
(preliminary publishing date : April 2003)
Chinese : translation of “Comment rester jeune plus longtemps”, 
(preliminary publishing date : 2003)
Spanish : translation of “ The Hormone Solution ” 
(preliminary publishing date : 2003)
(Italian: translation of “La DHEA, l’hormone du mieux-vivre”
(preliminary publishing date : 2004)

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