Dr. S. K. Ramesh

Dr. S. K. Ramesh B.Sc. MBBS, MS (Ortho , Trauma, Rehab), MAMS (India)AOB (Trauma), AOA (Trauma), FAO(Trauma) Swiss,FAO (Shoulder), Austria, MAOAL (Swiss)MACNEM [Australia] MAAM [ USA ]Cenegenics Certified Age Management Physician(Science of Youthful Aging)Professor, Consultant & Practitioner Energy Medicine (USA)Reiki Master (India & USA), Karuna Reiki USA
Presently he is working at Dubai Poly Clinic. Visiting Specialist at Dubai Herbal and Treatment Center.Dr. S K

Dr. Ramesh in his very early stages of his training as a Medical Student from KGMC, Lucknow, India could not understand how the instruction pattern to living systems was being transmitted. He also wondered why people became sick as they aged. He also noticed that many people in their old age were highly energetic and healthy. It is with this in mind that he went ahead in search of his quest in prevention of disease and aging. He is also a certified age management physician dealing with the Science of Youthful Aging.

During his search he went to several teachers, did conventional medical training as well as studied ancient non-conventional and futuristic techniques. He was able to identify what is the connection all the way with the source, how the information systems are transmitted to our body, how we are connected to our environment. This also give a clear understanding of why one creates disease for himself, how he can prevent disease, how he can reverse the disease. This knowledge came about from quantum physics. 

Quantum Physics, Energy sciences and Tachyon Technologies led him to understand how we could prevent disease naturally by learning how to source our energies from air, water, food, sleep and environment. This understanding started showing how when we started reversing disease processes we started becoming younger and younger shedding our body programs and getting connected with ALL THAT IS.

The recent medical understanding is that aging is a disease due to the deficiency of our hormones and collection of toxins. The same could be reversed not only by energetic techniques, but also with the medical techniques of life style management, breathing technologies, structured water technologies, dietary supplement uses, anti oxidant use, natural stimulation of endocrine glands and lastly if absolutely necessary, hormone replacements to speed up the process.

A Doctor or Healer is one whose very presence should heal.The very look he gives at the affected part, it should start reversing the disease process .If a doctor can impart a total healing at all levels; that is at Physical , Mental , Emotional and Spiritual level then he can be considered as a holistic Healer.

Is this education a possibility ? 

An Orthopedic and Trauma surgeon by profession, Dr. Ramesh was satisfied with his Profession as a surgeon and lecturer of surgery at medical school at Dubai, but he didnít have an answer to all problems in Allopathy. He then embarked on a tireless campaign to drive home the message of "curing thyself". It was after trying his hands on various means of harnessing energy like Reiki that the doctor stumbled upon Tachyon energy science. The doctor has been ever since on a whistle-stop tour of world capitals lecturing and advocating his cause. A firm believer of INTEGRATED MEDICINE Dr. Ramesh has been working with this art of healing and is on a constant search for means of perfecting and integrating it with all sciences and life.

An Integrated approach for cure is only possible when we can scientifically explain the way all systems of medicine be it ancient to modern or even futuristic medicine works .

This is now possible with the advent of Tachyon Energy Science, a science based on Quantum Physics with which he has been able to inform the common man, technocrats, administrators, allopathic doctors [most difficult] and of course so called Alternative Medicine Practitioners 

They are not alternative practitioners but practitioners of original and age old medicine

they easily understand what he is talking about.

This new futuristic tachyon harnessing technology based on tachyon antennas which he is presenting can be integrated with any healing practice be it for humans,animals,plants,agriculture,education,organisations,governments ,food ,atmosphere ,health ,fitness , astrology, and even in engineering.

This is a revolution and its going to transform the World.

He has also developed the following types of treatment:

1. Energetic Anesthesia: Suturing , Dressings are performed by subjecting the patient to deep sleep without the help of any medicine or chemicals. It is a special boon in patients who are not fit for traditional anaesthesia.

2. Energetic Surgery: this type of surgery is performed without cutting or piercing the body. All the work is done in the energy field , however the patient will feel you are cutting ,retracting ,reaching the part and finally, energising the affected part, and reversing the disease process. Nothing is cut and thrown unlike in conventional surgery .Patient will even feel the repair, that is suturing etc

3. Energetic Internal Organ Massages: This again negates the need of cutting or piercing the body. A diseased organ could be brought to balance and normal function by massaging those organs without even touching the body of the patient. 

4. Energetic Breathing Exercise: It is a form of practice that endorses the significance of age-old means of well being, like the ' Pranayama '. The right way of breathing could save us a lot of physical stresses and strains ,leading to a balanced and peaceful life. 

5. Energy Harnessing Technique: This, says the doctor, is not something simple though it becomes so simple once you acquire the skill. Once we learn to harness the free energy, we become superconductors of energy, capable not only of curing ourselves, but also of curing others by your very presence ,you can see and direct energy and also direct energies at will for healing purposes .You become an antenna.

6. Energetic Tele Therapy: done through a mobile phone. This is recommended only when someone is in urgent need of treatment specially in the ICU .It works even better when done across continents.

7. Energetic Group Therapies: When you can treat a groups of patients with different diseases all at once.

Has developed several courses namely

Advanced Tachyon Techniques, 
Youthful Aging Wellness Program,
Certified Youthful Aging Practitioner Program and
The Ultimate Personal Transformation Program
PHD Program on Integrated Tachyon Energy and Youthful Aging Sciences.


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