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AACL 2013 Speaker

Dr Mosaraf Ali MD Dac PGAc 

Dr. Mosaraf Ali was born in India and went to a boarding school run by Irish Christian Brothers. He passed the school with a First Division, securing very high marks, and joined The University of Delhi for Medical studies. He got a scholarship to study Medicine in the former USSR in 1973 and continued his medical studies in Moscow. He obtained "The Doctor of Medicine" degree with Honours, securing 38 excellent grades out of 40 examinations taken.

In 1980 he joined the prestigious Central Institute of Advanced Medical Studies in Moscow for post graduation in Acupuncture. During that period he specialised in Pulse Diagnosis, Iridology, Tongue Diagnosis and Hypnosis.
He returned to Delhi in 1982, worked in a Hospital for a year and opened the first Centre for Integrated Medicine in the world. While working in India, he also studied under masters of Ayurveda, Unani Medicine, Yoga and Marma Therapy.

Between 1988-1991 he was The Medical Director of a Complementary Medical Clinic in Hong Kong. He learned Chinese Herbal Medicine there. In 1991 he took up the post of head of The Department of Integrated Medicine at the Hale Clinic in central London. In 1998 he opened his own Integrated Medical Centre in London. It was the first of its kind in Europe.
Dr. Ali did research in stroke rehabilitation using his own technique in two leading UK medical institutions. He trained four batches of NHS doctors in his unique diagnostic and therapeutic integrated medical techniques. He has written 8 books on healthcare and maintained a health column for the YOU magazine in The Mail on Sunday and Top Sante magazine in the UK for 6 years. He regularly speaks at WPO and CEO Universities and is rated as one of the top health speakers at such forums.

Dr. Ali was influenced by his maternal grandfather who was a doctor and a homeopath. His quest for learning the art of medicine took him to remote parts of India where he learnt about traditional healing techniques and herbs used by tribals to treat common ailments. He used his medical knowledge to understand these methods and use it in his practice. This unique knowledge and experience makes him one the leaders in his field of medical practice.

He began to develop his own techniques and methods of treatment. Throughout the years Dr. Ali earned the titles of "Cure-All Doctor" and "Genuine Integrated General Physician”. These qualities made him a Royal Physician and family doctor of many highly influential public figures worldwide. He can treat your backache, eczema, flu, digestive problems as well as rehabilitate stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, and sports injuries safely and effectively in the shortest possible time. It is extremely rare to find a doctor who can treat such a wide ranges of ailments.

2013 - The Neck Connection in Brain Function for Health and vitality

Using the subconscious brain we live, emote, reproduce, digest, protect ourselves, heal and regulate all our bodily functions. We also react to external stimuli, sleep, and wake, make love, coordinate, stand, carry out skills, eat, and maintain homoeostasis (constant body temperature, maintenance and blood parameters). All of these, and more, use the subconscious brain. The basic logic is that the conscious brain appeared much later in the evolution of the brain and is therefore present in mammals. So in human evolution, the conscious brain appeared originally in mammals. On the other hand reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish and insects still only have the involuntary or automatic brain functioning on its own without a conscious command.

The two parts of the brain have developed in humans in two separate circulatory networks. In strict principle  the Carotid  Arteries supply blood predominantly to the cortex or the conscious brain, while The Vertebral Arteries, embedded deep inside the neck column, feeds the autonomous or subconscious brain, the most vital and important part of the central nervous system. Neck traumas, stress, birth injuries, excessive use of computer etc. tighten the neck and impair the blood flow to the subconscious brain, affecting physiological, emotional, and hormonal and some neurological functions of the brain. This leads to my discovery and hypothesis that the uncontrollable part of the involuntary brain can be controlled and influenced to function more efficiently by improving the blood supply to it.

Improving blood flow by our massage-manipulative technique on the neck and the base of the skull, the autonomic brain and hormonal control centres, get invigorated. This has a deep impact on the functions of the entire body and the mind. Thus functions like dizziness, imbalance, lack of energy, insomnia, short-term memory loss, lack of concentration, comprehension, anxiety etc which are very common amongst the elderly, can ne noticeably improved with this technique.  Special breathing technique used in advance yoga, slows the respiratory rate to 3-4 cycles per minute, causing mild hypercapnia which in turn leads to better or effective exchange of gases in the lung tissue. The result is that the blood receives more oxygen and there brain gets invigorated.

For centuries, it was an accepted belief, especially in India, that one needs to meditate, sublimate, eat vegetarian food, control thoughts and relate them to the subconscious brain. After years of perseverance devotees were able to slow down their breathing and heart rate. They were able to go into a "near death" state of "suspended animation” or deep hibernation, influence healing, even cure diseases. Dr Ali’s technique thus illustrates how to influence one’s well-being, health, brain and bodily functions are simply by improving blood flow to the very part of the brain that regulates all these.

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