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AACL 2008 Speaker

AlpertDavid Alpert B Bus Sci (Hons)

Founder of the International Institute for Anti-ageing (iiaa). The Institute draws on the research and experience of a panel of world renowned experts and disseminates cutting edge information through a continuing series of conferences, workshops and newsletters. It aims to educate and empower health practitioners to deliver real results that ultimately show a measurable improvements in their client’s and patient’s biological age.
David grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. On completing his Honours in Finance at the University of Cape Town he moved to London where together with his wife Tracy Tamaris, he distributes some of the UK’s leading professional skincare, nutritional and medical products.

2008 - Conception after 35 - The Older Mother : From the perspective of an anti ageing culture.

Increasingly we see a trend towards woman falling pregnant later in life.  In the last ten years the number of women giving birth over the age of 40 has roughly doubled.   This trend is not only prone to potential complications for both mother and child but it increasingly means that couples face conception and fertility  issues as they try and conceive during a period of reduced fertility.
David Alpert will present findings from large, long term epidemiologic studies  which examine  the effects of diet and other factors on the development of chronic diseases of ageing.  Many of the women in these studies  also reported  some trouble getting pregnant, including hundreds who experienced ovulatory infertility.  Comparing  their diets, exercise habits, and other lifestyle choices with those of women who readily fell pregnant, several key differences emerged.  Many of the pro inflammatory factors that lay the foundation for age related disease also contribute to an increased in infertility.
In his talk David Alpert will examine these challenges from an anti- ageing point of view – looking at a model created by the International Institute for anti- ageing  for healthy longevity and examining the scientific evidence to show whether this model has any implications for those wishing to conceive after the age of 35. His talk will review evidence relating to environmental, psychological  and nutritional factors that can increase or reduce  fertility as well as exercise, supplementation and bio identical hormonal therapies. 

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