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Anti Ageing Conference London 2020
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AACL 2008 Speaker

LippmanDr Richard Lippman
Born December 18, 1944. In Stockholm, Sweden he attended SveaplanVuxen Gymnasium where he graduated with honors and perfect academic scores in all courses. Dr. Lippman attended Arizona State University and Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in June, 1968. He was employed as a chemical researcher at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. In 1980, he received a Doctor of Philosophy degree from California Western University. He attended medical school at Biomedicum, Uppsala, Sweden, where he specialized in measurement and monitoring of free radicals and their effects upon aging at the Departments of Histology and Medical Cell Biology.

Dr. Lippman has authored over 27 peer-reviewed scientific articles in leading gerontological journals such as Experimental Gerontology, Mechanisms of Ageing and Development, the Journal of Gerontology, and the Swedish journal, Forskning och Framsteg. In 1984, he invented the nicotine patch and successfully marketed it on the Univision from 1986 to 1989. He has lead clinical double-blind, cross-over investigations, especially in regard to transdermal Vitamin B12, weight loss, and melatonin patches. In 1985, he invented the first jet-lag kit employing the then unknown hormone, melatonin. In 1987, he was awarded numerous world patents for the special free-radical inhibitor, NDGA. This invention yielded the only patent ever awarded by the US Patent Office with claims to retard human aging. During the ‘80s, he invented two separate non-invasivemethods that probe and monitor cascading free radicals in vivo in both humans and lab animals. In recognition of these last two revolutionary achievements, Dr. Lippman was nominated for the Noble Prize in Medicine in 1996.

Dr. Lippman is currently retired and lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. In spite of retirement, he continues to lecture and conduct anti-aging research.

2008 - STAY 40 - without crazy diets and heavy exercise. Why should our bodies become broken and then fixed? Why not fix them in advance of the damages caused by aging?

If the predictions of our present-day scientists are right, most major diseases should be curable by the year 2026. Still, these medical advances will increase the average lifespan by a mere twelve years. And we’ll still be stuck with the same ravages of aging: wrinkled skin, slowed reaction times, depression, weight gain, memory loss, declining libido, crippled bodies.
Not a lot to look forward to, is it?

Until now, celebrity authors such as doctors Mehmet Oz and Andrew Weil have addressed this issue by advocating losing weight, exercising more, and eating a Spartan diet. But new research has shown that an improved lifestyle is only 20% of the answer. This 20% barely scratches the surface: The remaining 80% mother lode of anti-aging medicine has yet to be mined.
This lecture explores that 80%.

The new remedies presented in this lecture —  most of which are known only to those knowledgeable in anti-aging medicine — can slow, prevent, or even reverse many elements of aging without crazy diets, cosmetics, surgery, and heavy aerobic exercise. Dr. Lippman explores this new frontier and gives advice specifically in the areas of balanced hormones and efficacious free-radical scavengers or anti-cross linkers.

Dr. Lippman will guide everyone in creating a tailor-made anti-aging program, actually healing or reversing some aspects of aging, such as cataracts and clogged arteries, without surgery. Dr. Lippman’s evidence-based research encourages everyone to start a personal program to resolve many age-related pre-diseases — such as arterial inelasticity — that many people over thirty encounter, but few physicians will treat until they become full-blown diseases.

His lecture takes a flexible approach in encouraging patients to partner with medical professionals who are knowledgeable in anti-aging medicine. Patients can adjust their level of anti-aging therapy according to their desires and financial means. In the words of Dr. Lippman,”You don’t have to feel like crap until you pass away at age 90 or 100. You don’t need 24 hour sweat palaces and radical starvation or fasting diets. Solutions are available to make you happy without taking antidepressants. You can die happy with your brain fully functional.”
This exciting lecture offers a beacon of hope for all Baby Boomers who wish to live longer, happier, healthier lives — and look great while doing it


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