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AACL 2009 Speaker

Dr Ascanio Polimeni MD PhD
Ascanio Polimeni M.D., Ph D, received his medical degree(magna cum laude) from the University of Bologna(ITALY) in 1982, is Board Certified in Broncopneumology, Chronobiology,Neuro-endocrinology. He is Medical Director of Antiaging Center of Rome and Milan, Scientific Director of FOREVER VENUS PROJECT and Board-Co-Director of G.E.A. Research Group, Milano, Italy, Co-Director of Regenera Group, Member of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

He is a pioneer of antiaging medicine in Italy. His practice is dedicated to antiaging medicine, focusing on bioidentical natural hormone replacement therapy, weight and stress management, holistic and integrative medicine, brain, immunological and sexual enhancement.

He is author of five best sellers books,Chronobiology,Depression, Obesity(1994),Premenstrual Syndrome(1996),Pregnenolone(1997),The Genetic Factor(2007) with the Antiaging Medicine pioneer Vincent Giampapa,Pregnenolone and Bioidentical Hormones(2008) with Californian nutrizionist Ray SAHELIAN. He is medical advisor in neuroendocrinelogy of many italian health and wellness magazines.

2009 - What to learn from centenarian secrets to promote a healthier and longer life?Syncrinology and Hormonal harmony:from Italian centenarian studies a new endocrine approach to improve  the health and the length of our life.

Aging and related diseases are promoted by the interactions among various factors:genetic factors,life style factors,environmental factors and  others.Among these, the progressive decrease of the production of sex hormones,gh,melatonin,thyroid hormones,dhea and in particular the loss of balance between anabolic (gh,dhea,testosterone) and catabolic hormones(cortisol) and the loss of harmony among various hormonal systems, exert an important role in the promotion of the aging process.In this lecture, a review of the most important Italian studies about the connection between hormonal levels and balance and longevity is shown.In three different studies published in the last years,the department of biogerontology of the University of Pavia checked the escretion rate of  aMT6s the major metabolite of melatonin, in young people,old healthy and centenarians .The age-related decrease of melatonin secretion is well evident also in long living subjects not only in old healthy; indeed, the total excretion rate of aMT6s, clearly declined with age. But a certain maintenance of the circadian periodicity of melatonin secretion was found in centenarians but not in aged controls. Since melatonin plays an important role as endogenous synchronizer of several biological rhytms hormonal (cortisol,gh,leptin,ghrelin) and not hormonal(blood pressure,body temperature and cytokines) and as free radical scavenger,the persistence of the circadian organization of melatonin secretion could be of great interest in successful aging and promoting longevity.In an other study published in the Exper.Geron.in the 2008 ,was checked the level of anabolic hormones(IGF-1,dheas and testosterone)in a group of older men.The scientists showed that that in older men a parallel age-associated decline in bioavailable testosterone, IGF-1, and DHEA-S secretion is associated with higher mortality independent of potential confounders.They concluded the study saying that, the age-associated decline in anabolic hormone levels is a strong independent predictor of mortality in older men and that having multiple hormonal deficiencies rather than a deficiency in a single anabolic hormone is a robust biomarker of health status in older persons.Similar conclusions were shown in a study done by the University of Parma in which was checked the neuroendocrine dysregulation concerning specifically the ratio between (dheas,testosterone)and catabolic steroid(cortisol) secretion; the scientists tried to find too any connection between friality and hormonal imbalance. Odd’s ratio for risk of frailty has been demonstrated significant only when the three hormones were simultaneously considered (Odd’sratio =10.0 with 95% CI =1.6-6.4);the significance disappeared when each steroid was considered individually.The authors concluded that Sarcopenia, the core of elderly frailty, can be seen as the direct consequence of the dysruption of  steroid hormones syncrinology. Consequently, the use of replacement treatment in order to delay the beginning of such steroid derangement might be a suitable strategy to improve the quality of life of man, whose life length has been significantly extended.But what’s the meaning of  these studies’  conclusions?We can say that the harmonic maintenance of  biological rhytms (hormonal and not) and Hormonal Syncrinology through proper diet,stress control,adeguate physical and sexual activity,and the administration of physiologic doses of bioidentical hormones, is an important stategy to improve longevity and successful aging.

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