14th Anti Ageing Conference London 2017
SAVE THE DATE: 12th-14th October 2017

September 2017


BSAAM/AACL 2017 will be held at Kensington Town Hall, Honiton St, London W8

This venue is situated near High St Kensington. The nearest Underground station is High St Kensington.

Dear Colleague,

The Anti-Ageing Conference London is a truly unique event, combining the intimacy of a small conference with the quality, depth and breadth of speakers that any large conference would be proud to offer.

The scientific and educational conference set in the heart of historic London, CPD credits available 10.5 hours.

The conference has been specifically designed to provide maximum opportunities for delegates to mix with their peers and the speakers in a relaxed and friendly environment. Speakers will be available for one-to-one discussions with delegates, and there will also be question and answer sessions after lectures with speaker panels on both days.

Speaker Profile
Prof Karl J NeeserProf Karl J Neeser PhD

Born 1947, is one of the leading Anti-Aging Research Scientists in Asia. He earned Master degrees in Exercise Physiology and Physical Education, as well as a Doctor degree in Philosophy & Health Science. Karl J. Neese's effort to study the field of anti-ageing for more than twenty years reflects his own diverse experiences. He has been Professor at Lausanne University/Switzerland, Founder/Manager of two European Top Health Clubs and has authored several books. Today he is a worldwide appreciated Health Consultant, Key Speaker and lives in Bangkok/Thailand where he is currently a Professor at Chulalongkorn University School of Sports Science
Lecture - The Key to Health and Longevity - the Ultimate Lifestyle Strategies

In 2017 we welcome Great Plains USA and Biolab Laboratories UK who will be presenting the workshops from 9am-4pm, Dr William Shaw, Dr Nicholas Miller and Carole Symons will be outlining the 'Most Important Tests for Anti-Ageing Practices and Maximizing the Benefit from Biolab Tests'.

Registration for the workshop and the conference, register here.

The provisional program is as follows:

Dr Appukuttannair Sreekumar Metallothionine Balancing
Prof Donald Craig Willcox CR Mimetics in Nutrigeroprotection: Targeting the insulin-FOXO signaling pathway
Prof Eugenio Luigi Iorio From Antiageing to Positive Ageing: The Amazing Field of Functional Redoxomics
Dr Veronica Di Nardo  Use of mTOR Inhibitor to Enhance Longevity
Dr William Shaw Glyphosate, Genetically Modified Organisms( GMOs), Toxicity, and the Impact on the Microbiome of Soil and the Intestine
Dr Tim Evans Unlocking the Aging Code: New Advancements in Telomere Diagnostics
Dr Jennifer Krup Female Sexual Dysfunction
Dr Zayd Ratansi The Second Brain for your Healthy Aging
Dr Nicholas J. Miller  Osteoporosis and Bone Health in the Light of the New Bone Biology
Prof Tilmann Fritsch Health starts in the Mouth
Dr Nady Braidy NAD+ Precursors as Therapeutic Agents for Age-related Degenerative Diseases
Dr Joshua Dunsky The Effects of The TDOS Syndrome (Toxicity, Deficiency Obesity and Stress) on human life and what can be done about it
Ing. Luigi Alfonso Cuozzo Introducing ICT driven self-care into AA medicine paradigm
Prof Giovanni Scapagnini Positive Nutrition and Nutraceutical Interventions for Improving Healthspan and Longevity
Mr Nikolas Psathas Emerging Pharma Compounds
Prof Claus Muss Intestinal Gut Flora - Source of good Health & Longevity
Dr William Shaw  Clostridia bacteria as the cause of neurological and psychiatric disease: critical environmental causes of new epidemics
Prof Karl J Neeser The Key to Health and Longevity
Tara Hambley Live, Fast and DON'T Die Young: Is fasting the solution to ageing?
Prof Christophe de Jaeger Interest of Biological Age Measurement in Young Adult Population
Dr Cristiana Aperio Kefir and the role it can play in positive aging
Dr Nady Braidy Promotion of cellular NAD+ anabolism as a strategy to improve cellular senescence
Dr Sergey A Dzugan Osteoporosis/Stress Fractures - Dangers of Drugs

The program may be subject to change

Please check the website www.antiageingconference.com for conference and speaker updates

To Register:

Thursday 12th October Workshop 8.30-4.00 £100.00 Register here

All Inclusive, Workshops + Reception + 2 Day Conference £499.00

Full Conference, Reception + 2 Day Conference £399.00

2 day Conference 13th/14th £388.00

Day 1 only Friday 13 th £199.00

Day 2 only Saturday 14 th £189.00


Email us at london@antiageingconference.com if you require more information.

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